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Pressure Washer Service

  • 35 years of experience/knowledge
  • Factory-trained technicians
  • Fully-stocked parts department
  • Will repair all makes/models of pressure washers
  • Will get your equipment up and running ASAP!
  • Will service in: Truck Washes, Car Washes, Industrial Washes, Barns
  • Familiar with Bio-Security Protocol

Waste Oil Service

  • Licensed (F-License) Fuel-Oil License
  • Aaladin Superior represents EnergyLogic waste oil furnaces and burners
  • Will repair all makes and models from all distributors
  • We stock parts for all makes and models
  • Sales, Installation and Services
  • Cleaning
  • Service employees instruct customers on how to clean and waste oil furnace and burners

Aaladin Superior Cleaning Systems provides Pressure Washer and Waste Oil service