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Looking to turn that idea into a reality? Or have a budding business in need of supplies, equipment or servicing? Aaladin Superior Cleaning Systems will guide you to the best options for you. From the moment of purchase to any present-day maintenance or equipment failure concerns, Aaladin Superior is here for every step of your journey.

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Decades of experience has enabled Aaladin Superior Cleaning Systems to excel in products and service in the chemical cleaning systems industry.

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Aerospace, Government, Agriculture, Construction, Industrial, Janitorial, Mechanical, Health, Food industries and more.

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Tried and true, Aaladin Superior Cleaning Systems is a trusted distributor and supplier of hazardous materials for many recurring customers. Contact us to discover our magic.


Superior Story

Aaladin Superior was founded in 1991 by Shayne Duplak. Duplak built Aaladin Superior with over 42 years of experience through studying and working and on the belief that Aaladin Superior provides and continues to deliver excellent service and products. Duplak travelled to Kentucky, Kansas, Illinois, Texas, Washington, Colorado, Louisiana, and Florida to further his knowledge on the industry. He also served as Vice-President/Secretary Treasurer of Western Utilities Equipment Co. Ltd. With experience in all facets of welding, hydraulic mechanics, specialty equipment manufacturing, promotions, sales (including cold calling), trouble shooting, and pressure welding. All these years of working (often as a summer student in his father’s foundry) has enabled him to provide not only the products but the ability to understand what people in the industry need. Before Aaladin Superior, Duplak and his partner founded Hotsy Western in 1981 at just 26 years old. The company, like Aaladin Superior, sold, installed, and serviced Hotsy pressure-washers and cleaning compounds. Aaladin Superior began by fate in 1991. Duplak was driving to Kansas (for a show) and stopped to refuel in South Dakota. By chance there happened to be an Aaladin truck and trailer with a pressure washing unit there as well. The design was stainless steel, a new and innovative design in 1991. Stainless steel is rust resistant making it perfect for hog barns. Intrigued, he reached out to become a distributor and built a business relationship with Aaladin becoming the first Canadian Aaladin Distributor. His very first Aaladin pressure-washing unit was sold out of his home in Manitoba. Duplak had long ago recognized a demand and an opportunity for growth in the market for cleaning compounds in the industry and began formulating his own chemical equations. He spent many hours late into the night, huddled over a desk creating a product line in the Winnipeg Library. His first products were released in 1992 and sold from his garage. The business expanded into acid cleaners/brighteners, rust removers’ metal safe acids, concrete removers and more. Since its humble beginnings, Duplak has guided Aaladin Superior through the economic recession of the early 2007’s, the business recession of covid and Duplak’s own cancer journey and continues to lead Aaladin today. These difficult times have allowed Aaladin Superior to grow in its relationships with the business community. Our relationships and the needs of the community are the reason Aaladin Superior began and continues to thrive. Since then, Aaladin Superior has grown substantially and now serves the agriculture, industrial, commercial, janitorial, aerospace, transit, and government industries. Aaladin Superior Cleaning Systems continues to develop its own unique products, and with the help of a full-time chemist, it is constantly evolving to bring new innovative products to the market. Aaladin Superior believes in bringing its expertise, superior products and service to a global audience while remaining fully compliant with strict government standards.

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